Las Vegas Escorts Shannon


Hi, I am Shannon, I am a sultry blond Las Vegas escort catering to VIP clients in Las Vegas. Professional sports stars, actors, high powered attorneys and CEO's can all feel safe knowing I have their best interests in mind. I am a super discrete escort. I also have a reputation to protect too! My "day job" wouldn't be too proud knowing what I am up to when I am supposed to be "working at home". Let's get together for a private tryst. You won't regret it, and no one will ever know.

Whatever You Want

You don't even have to be a handsome guy to hang out with me. Frankly handsome men bore me! I'd take an interesting five or six, over a vapid nine or ten anytime! Hang with me and I'll bring out your air of sexiness and self-confidence. I'll make you feel comfortable with me like we have known each other for years. It's amazing what sharing a bottle of champagne will do to two new acquaintances with mutual interests.

Come Be with me!

There is something hot about getting together where an element of danger exists. Whether its doing the deed in the elevator where someone might see or in the middle of a concert, or while watching NFL while other people are watching the big screens, the danger of being caught mid act is a huge turn-on. The only thing I won't do is fulfill your fantasy of "getting caught in the act". Sorry! No crazy public shenanigans for me! We can pretend only!

I'm the sultry blonde you've always wanted to get to know a little bit better. Really! At long last, you will finally have your chance. Did you know that this isn't my primary mode of employment? That means that I have secrets to keep, just like you.

Let's make all of each other's fantasies come true. I'll be as discreet as you need me to be. After all, I cannot risk my employer finding out more about our adventures. No regrets, though. I love what I do and it shows. I'll make sure that you are totally comfortable and completely satisfied.