Las Vegas Escorts Shannon

Catering To The Vegas VIP

Hi, my name is Shannon and I offer the VIP experience to very important gentlemen. I've used my Vegas naked massage techniques to soothe countless CEOs and professional athletes. When high powered lawyers are looking to unwind between cases, who do you think that they are calling? Me, of course! I'm a rich man's fantasy and now you get to experience my awesomeness for yourself.

As someone with a more traditional form of employment, I've got to think about my own reputation. The secrecy will only serve to make our tryst even naughtier. You are not going to find another woman like me, no matter how hard you try. Those who are seeking Vegas naked massage during their next trip are urged to contact me ahead of time.

Handsome Men Are A Bore
The traditional "handsome" man doesn't really do all that much for me, if I'm being totally honest here. All you need is your own self confidence. There is something about a man who knows what he wants and how to get it that truly turns me on. Don't be nervous about meeting up with me. I'll make you feel completely at ease. We can have a glass of champagne and take things slow.

Or, we can get right into it and you can ravish me all night long. The choice is yours and I am here to please. I bet that we have more mutual interests than you realize. It's not just about the Vegas naked massage. I can hold court on any number of topics. Men are always surprised by my range of knowledge. Believe me, I am not just a pretty face. Men are always pleasantly surprised by me.

I Bring an Element of Danger
Let's face it, these types of trysts are always way more fun when there is an element of danger involved. I know that you would like to keep things on the down low and so would I. That's why I love to fool around in public. Just imagine us in an elevator, me wearing no panties. My body is your personal playground. All you need to do is let me know what you are into.

The prospect of getting caught really revs my engine. I love a man who can match my level of adventurousness. I am a professional and we are never going to get caught. Trust me and allow me to lead the way. It may be a game of pretend at first but as soon as we get back to the will soon see that I am not playing at all.

When you're with me, you are going to enjoy every last moment that we spend together or you can receive a full refund. This is my guarantee to you. Would you like to be picked up from the airport in a stretch limo? That can be arranged. I know how important you are. Let me cater to you in all of the ways that you truly deserve.